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My composition ranges from solo works to orchestral pieces. Some of the early works were influenced by my ex-tutor and mentor Maltese composer, Charles Camilleri. Later works explore new forms, particularly where digital and instrumental sources intersect. These reflect my transdisciplinary combination of conventional notation and non-notated forms of music.

My interest in visual art has given me the possibility to work with a number of artists, including Maltese artists Ruth Bianco and Victor Agius. I have worked with these two artists on two separate interdisciplinary projects, which were inspired by diverse sources such as warped recordings and sounds from Megalithic spaces and the Maltese landscape. These sounds provide a broader palette of sounds from a wider pool of influences. These experiences have helped me to widen my perspectives in music composition, giving me a much freer artistic mindset.

My life has been balanced between my work as a composer and my activity as an Education Officer for Music. Both fields have provided me with several opportunities to work closely with people and integrate diverse influences in my creative work. I sift through and absorb daily stimuli and sensations. These create music that expresses my artistic aesthetic and inspires me to produce compelling personal statements.


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